O.W.L.S. June 2016 Webinar- ON DEMAND: Design Solutions for Optimizing Building Energy Performance
2016 June O.W.L.S. Topic: Design Solutions for Optimizing Building Energy Performance

June O.W.L.S. Sponsored By: Southface

The performance and value of certified green buildings has been a hot topic and open question for some time. When it comes to small commercial green buildings, which high-performance design and construction strategies are working well? Which need improvement? The Advanced Commercial Buildings Initiative at Southface studied small commercial buildings constructed within a regional, prescriptive green building program. The experienced presentation team will paint a complete picture of performance for various building types by factoring in component-level building monitoring and measured data including energy models, utility bills, and air tightness testing.

Case studies will demonstrate through both measured post-occupancy energy and water consumption and a novel, modeled deep energy reduction package which decisions make the highest impact. Certification and incremental measure costs will be examined in the context of both construction costs and total cost of ownership, in addition to documented non-energy benefits of green building. Finally, the group will discuss climate zone-specific differences which would need to be considered when implementing this approach in other regions.

Audience members will be engaged throughout this intermediate-level presentation in participant exercises designed to test their knowledge of building design interactions and design impact on performance and occupant behavior.

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