February 2020 O.W.L.S. Topic: Enhanced Performance Installation Systems for Thin Adhered Masonry Veneers

Have you ever heard this argument during design development “We will use the X system because that is the way we have always built it”? In many cases, this methodology of design protects the firm from inherent liabilities by using systems that are tried and true. Sometimes, however, when innovative new building products, systems or technologies are integrated with old installation practices and the results can actually be increased liability for a firm. This issue can be further compounded with the challenges of building more energy-efficient, lightweight structures. This CEU will focus on new installation methods, substrates and waterproofing options for the “thin is in” Adhered Masonry Veneer (Thin Brick, Manufactured Stone, and Thin Natural Stone) exterior façade finishes. Standards development and code compliance will be discussed. Legislation for improved energy efficiency and the effects on core and shell design will be presented. A case study overview will be presented between materials used and costs for a traditional masonry construction versus a thin adhered lightweight veneer structure. Attendees will gain an overall understanding of some of the new building envelope construction methods and will develop a better understanding of the influence of energy-efficient design on construction trends.
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